Association management.

If you’re looking for an organisation to take the stress out of your association management then Hampton Medical can assist. By harnessing our in-house expertise and established systems, we can deliver a highly competitive service that can help your association achieve its goals in a smooth and efficient manner.

We offer a range of services for our clients to include the following:

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    • Maintaining association membership databases
    • Handling annual membership subscriptions
    • Preparing newsletters and membership updates

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    • Organising and attending Committees and AGMs
    • Preparing agendas, minutes and liaising with Committee regarding action points
    • Ensuring Association is run according to its constitution or rules

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    • Advising on legal status and charitable status applications
    • Preparation of annual Charity returns
    • Handling VAT on behalf of the association
    • Undertaking all financial management (annual accounts, budgets, cashflow etc.)
    • Membership subscriptions and renewal payments
    • Council, Board, Committee and Working Party travel and subsistence expense claims
    • Securing financial support through industry, public bodies and research agencies

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    • Organising scientific conferences and smaller meetings/satellites
    • Approaching potential sponsors and exhibitors on the Association’s behalf

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    Communications/Public Relations

    • Attendance at Congress and manning a booth during the Congress
    • Ensuring adequate advertisement of the Association and its Congresses

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    Correspondence on behalf of the Association

    • Act as a hub for all communication to members, supporters /sponsors and committees, whilst answering all daily enquiries from all external sources
    • Adhere to the values and brand of the Association in order to communicate in a consistent, recognisable fashion
    • Support in developing and producing materials for promotion of the Association
    • Work with the client to produce branded and topical promotional items for the Association
    • Source the most cost effective products and brief in-house designers or an external supplier, whilst liaising at all points with the client

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    Liaison with publishers of Journals

    • Liaison with publishers of Medical Journals: An integral part of the annual membership subscription fee often includes an annual subscription to an official Journal
    • Collect membership payment and liaise with the Journal in order that they can circulate Journal issues to members in a timely fashion

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